Me Valérie Rindeau

Montreal Criminal Lawyer

A graduate of the University of Montreal, Me Valérie Riendeau has been a member of the Quebec Bar for 12 years and is a member of the Association of Defence Counsel of Montreal. Since openeing her own practice early on in her carreer, Me Riendeau has specialized exclusively in criminal law.

Over the course of her successful career, Me Riendeau has used her expertise to the benefit of her clients. Her 10 year experience in criminal law has enabled her to quickly evaluate files and give clients a detailed and accurate legal opinion.

A fervent negotiator and an outstanding litigator, Me Riendeau knows how to bring forth the right arguments in order to defend her clients and achieve the best results.

For Me Riendeau, each file is different and therefore she understands the importance to provide an individualized service tailored to each individual.

Experienced, professional and accessible, she will make a priority to help anybody experiencing legal troubles!