Me Anne-Sophie Dagenais

Criminal attorney

Having developed a keen interest in criminal law during her Criminology degree, Me Dagenais decided to pursue her schooling by completing a Law degree at the Montreal University. She then continued her career by working among lawyers in both civil and criminal law firms. Me Dagenais completed her internship at the Crown attorneys’ office, which has greatly benefited her work as a defense attorney, having given her an understanding of the state’s position throughout the judicial process. These achievements have allowed her to acquire a lot of practical knowledge, which allow her to prepare each case with diligence and judgment. She is able to intervene appropriately with her clients and to better promote their individual interests. With an avid interest in justice, she ensures that her clients’ constitutional rights are respected, which is an essential value that she prioritizes in her work. Her intrinsic values allow her to fully adhere to the tasks she exercises as a criminal defense attorney, which she finds rewarding and fit perfectly with her personality and professional ambitions.