How does impaired driving affect the price of your insurance?

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Can voluntary intoxication be used as a defence?

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Impaired driving and the screening test

The screening test for impaired driving is a roadside test using a device called an Approved Screening Device (“ASD”) that a driver may be subjected to following the interception of his or her vehicle. For a police officer to order … Read More


How does a drug recognition expert’s evaluation work?

If your conduct raises suspicion, you may be assessed by an expert police officer trained in drug recognition. Under the law, the term “drug” used in drug-impaired driving is very broad. In impaired driving cases, this term includes not only … Read More


Reasons a police officer may ask you to pass a field sobriety test

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Is a random check by a police officer legal?

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What is a charge of care and control of a motor vehicle while impaired?

The law prohibits the care and control of a vehicle while impaired, even if you are not driving it. Indeed, many people believe that sleeping in a vehicle while intoxicated is safe and not subject to criminal liability. Well, that’s … Read More