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Our lawyers will offer you the best defense for all charges under the Criminal Code or the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.


Ask our team about the possibility of an acquittal following a drinking and driving offence, how to avoid a 3-year driving prohibition in certain cases, or how to avoid the minimum sentence of 30 days imprisonment for a second offence.


In matters of fraud, theft or other economic offences, it is sometimes possible to get away without a criminal record. Our lawyers will be happy to find a solution appropriate for you file.


Sexual offences often come with a minimum sentence of imprisonment, the duration of which varies from one offence to another. However, it is not impossible to reduce the sentence or reduce its severity. Our lawyers will be pleased to inform you of your options.

10 years of experience

Practicing in criminal law since 2005, Me Riendeau is at the head of the practice Riendeau Avocats, along with attorneys experienced exclusively the field

Charged with committing a criminal offense? We can help you! Our team practices exclusively in criminal law and is therefore specialized in the field. Do not hesitate to contact us to explain your situation. During a free telephone consultation, our lawyers will answer your questions and guide you towards the best solution.

Our Team


Me Valérie Riendeau

Criminal Lawyer

A graduate of the University of Montreal, Me Valérie Riendeau has been a member of the Quebec Bar for 10 years and is a member of the Association of Defence Counsel of Montreal. Since openeing her own practice early on in her carreer, Me Riendeau has specialized exclusively in criminal law. Read more…


Me Ana-Maria Mocanu

Criminal Lawyer

Me Mocanu obtained her bachelor degree in law at the University of Sherbrooke. Having also received a degree in psychology from McGill University in 2006, she is particularly sensible to the reality of each of her clients. Always attentive to her clients’ needs, Me Mocanu is able to find the appropriate solution in their respective files. Read more…


Me Joanie Chainey

Criminal Lawyer

Me Chainey has benefited from a solid background in law at the University of Ottawa. Her passion for criminal law has lead her to join the office Riendeau Avocats, where she practices exclusively in criminal law. A tireless litigator, this young attorney is never out of arguments. Read more…


Me Cédric Materne

Criminal Lawyer

Me Cédric Materne, a law graduate of the University of Quebec in Montreal, has always been fascinated by all things related to criminal law. He is very passionate about the field and is not afraid to use his creativity to push the boundaries in order to find the best possible defense for his clients. Read more…

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